Learn how high-performing organizations are creating a competitive advantage with workforce analytics in today’s changing business environment.

Start using people analytics and workforce planning to predict and drive business outcomes.

The constant state of change organizations are facing makes strategic workforce planning and people analytics critical, but also extremely challenging. We can help.

This event is for you if your organization needs to:

  • Balance just-in-time talent demands with long-term planning
  • Understand how to align your workforce analytics efforts with the larger business strategy
  • Go beyond storytelling to engage your stakeholders
  • Apply analytics across the talent lifecycle
  • Build your workforce planning and analytics function
  • Get ahead of AI and technology trends
  • Understand socio-economic changes and the future of work

What You Can Expect

The Latest in Workforce Analytics

We’re bringing together the leading thinkers and doers in people analytics and workforce planning to help you stay abreast of current issues in this critical discipline.

Learning with On-the-Job Application

Explore proven strategic approaches paired with actionable tactics you can implement as soon as you return to your organization.

Networking Opportunities

The agenda bakes in opportunities for you to connect with your peers and industry experts who can offer insight and fresh ideas around your current business challenges.

An Amazing Destination

Join us in Miami, Florida. Can’t get away? Check out our virtual conference…

2018 Conference Attendee Survey Respondent
"I enjoyed the sessions and came away with good information and ideas about how to start building analytics for my managers."

What You'll Learn

People Analytics

  • Build a people analytics dream team and learn how to apply their insights to business-relevant talent issues throughout the employee lifecycle.
  • Integrate multiple sources of data (internal and external) to create a more holistic understanding of your workforce. ​
  • Apply analytics to your challenges across the talent lifecycle.

Workforce Planning

  • Identify the talent and skills you’ll need to accomplish your business goals.
  • Learn to adapt and adjust your workforce plans to succeed in the face of shifting priorities. ​
  • Identify, prioritize and close your future talent gaps with unconventional methods.
Enthusiastic Attendees
Innovative Keynotes
Interactive Sessions
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Start putting your data to work.

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