Thursday, March 7

1:20 pm - 1:50 pm

People Analytics functions have long focused on internal data and standardized benchmarks in their work, but as more information becomes public online, the opportunity to leverage said information to take analyses to the next level becomes larger. Novel techniques such as web scraping and using API’s (application program interface), paired with public data sets, can be applied to various people analytics problems including recruitment, expansion and retention.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How API’s and web scraping work on a high level, and what problems they can help solve
  • Where to find good public data sets, but also what limitations they can have
  • Select practical applications of these techniques and data sources

Jared Valdron

People Analytics

About Jared Valdron

Jared leads the people analytics function at GitHub, where he enjoys combining both organizational and data sciences. He is passionate about bringing novel sources of data into his analyses, with a focus on geographic and economic data. Outside his daily job, Jared is passionate about contributing to the people analytics community, which he achieves by speaking, writing, and running an open source project in the people space.