Wednesday, March 6

3:50 pm - 4:30 pm

Workforce planning for an organization’s short- and long-term talent needs is a firmly established best practice for Strategic Talent Management. However, the struggle to promote this function within the business exists for many HR leaders, and it requires data- and ROI-driven business justification that goes beyond headcount status and tentatively projected recruitment needs. Many times, the skillset needed to perform the data analysis for current and future state workforce plans is available in-house, yet leaders miss an opportunity by not tapping into the existing talent potential and fail to leverage the existing tools and technologies to jumpstart the work and prove its benefits to the organization.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn how a workforce analytics team and function were developed at Stanford Children’s Health by leveraging the existing employees’ skillset.
  • Understand how to align the continual development of a workforce planning function to existing or potential business projects, and leverage analytics driven results to establish its long-term relevance.
  • Get insights from Stanford Children’s Health success and continuous work on establishing and growing this function from performing basic data analytics to making a business case for a sophisticated, advanced people analytics function.

Ekta Vyas, Ph.D, SHRM-SCP, HCS, sHRBP

Director, Human Resources
Stanford Children’s Health

About Ekta Vyas, Ph.D, SHRM-SCP, HCS, sHRBP

Ekta Vyas, Ph.D is a Human Resources executive with over 20 years of experience across multiple HR functional areas with proven successes in leading teams and programs during transformational change. Currently, she is Director of Human Resources with Stanford Children’s Health and an adjunct management faculty with Lucas College and Graduate School of Business at San Jose State University. She has also been elected to the IHRIM Board of Directors as Director of Education.  A certified Human Capital Strategist and strategic HR Business Partner by HCI, Ekta has extensively leveraged data analytics to support and further organizational business goals.

As an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Ekta has a strong inclination towards leveraging data and analytics to enable evidence based decision making. Of the many successes in generating analytics driven organizational solutions, one of her recent successes has been developing a workforce planning and analytics function at Stanford Children’s Health and leading its continuous growth starting from the elementary stages of reports and query driven excel analysis and prototypes through launch of technology driven dashboards and a business case for predictive people analytics investment. In this session, Ekta describes her journey of establishing a workforce planning function on a shoestring and leveraging the insights gain through data analytics in establishing strategic business partnership with organization’s leadership.