Thursday, March 7

9:25 am - 10:10 am

Data integrity sets the foundation for trusted analytics and is critical to an organization’s ability to make informed decisions effectively.

Consistent and streamlined processes facilitate accurate data, and business process improvements enable organizations to build capabilities for people analytics. Process improvement can create a framework for efficiency, while establishing momentum for process excellence across the enterprise.

In this session you will:
• Learn the importance of process design and improvement to the overall success of your people analytics projects.
• Learn how Reinsurance Group of America’s redesign of a global process saved an it more than 25,000 hours annually.
• Discover the key challenges, lessons learned and the value creation from actionable insights.

Anupam Diwan

Global Leader – HR Research, Process and People Analytics
Reinsurance Group of America

About Anupam Diwan

Anu Diwan is leading the development of human capital analytics and insights at RGA. She is also driving HR research and process improvement optimization with an emphasis on the design and implementation of business intelligence solutions. Prior to joining RGA, she served on a variety of HR leadership roles spanning diverse industries globally, leading organizations through major change initiatives and transformation.

She holds MBA from Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati. Apart from a Six Sigma Green Belt, she is certified PMP and SPHR professional. Anu is also Founder and President of a non-governmental organization on female literacy and women empowerment. She is an author, and enjoys playing Tennis and Piano.