Thursday, March 7

8:45 am - 9:25 am

In the HR world of big data, people analytics and workforce planning, change seems to happen at the speed of light. As HR professionals, you are often tasked with communicating hard, nuanced or often conflicting messages in real time to audiences that may not be as receptive as the data drivers suggest.

“Don’t kill the messenger!” seems to be a safe zone you can run toward, but in your professional capacity, you don’t get the option of separating yourself from the message you deliver. Persuasive communication is an essential soft skill for HR leaders to master, and as Aristotle said “The greatest thing by far is to be a master of metaphor.”

Participants will learn:

  • Scientifically proven principles of persuasion when communicating any message
  • How to be a master of metaphor in your personal and professional communication
  • How to align your message and your messenger style for maximum persuasive effectiveness

Randy Kutz

Author of The Negotiation Table: Everyone’s Guide to Everyday Negotiations, and Founder, Negotiation Training 360

About Randy Kutz

With over 30 years of business, marketing, training and leadership experience from a cross-section of industries, Randy Kutz has a passion for helping others to succeed in their professional and personal life. His training style cultivates a deeper sense of purpose and conviction for his audience that is contagious.  Consistent testimonies demonstrate that those who went through Randy’s training walk away with real world knowledge they can apply immediately in their current negotiations, and a renewed energy for working in the people side of their business.

Prior to founding Negotiation Training 360, Randy was the Vice President of Operations and a national trainer with Negotiation Expertise, LLC and The Real Estate Negotiation Institute. He has logged over 1200 training hours and taught over 3,000 professionals on the art, science and application of negotiation. Randy also spent time in the trenches, learning to negotiate in contexts with significant complexities and seemingly intractable, high stakes situations. Most notably, Randy spent 8 years working in the US House of Representatives, and 5 of those years he served as a Chief of Staff in Washington, D.C.

Randy is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and holds his BA in Sociology & Culture and his MBA in e-Business. Additionally, he is a graduate of the highly acclaimed Harvard Executive Leadership Program on Negotiation, and has completed advanced training at the Air War College, the US Institute of Peace and received certification training as a Professional Behaviors and Motivators Analyst.

Randy is a husband, father and grandfather and resides with his family in Phoenix, Arizona.